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HighUP Token,

Decentralized Token on Binance Smart Chain

Ready to Change the Crypto/NFT Gaming Standards.

Pre-Sale in:









50 BNB
100 BNB

I hereby confirm that I am not a Chinese National, U.S. citizen, a U.S resident or a resident in any jurisdiction which prohibits the sale of STMX Tokens.

Our Story?

From the beginning, HighUP has done things differently. The team behind HighUP has a long-term vision and no interest in making money. Starting with a supply of 100B HighUP, 20% is already locked up for 2 years. Play-to-earn features will earn you HUpgrade (HUPG) used for upgrading. The NFT marketplace will use HighUP (HUP) as currerncy to trade.

The remaining 50% of the HighUP is locked on PancakeSwap in both the BUSD and BNB pair. This means that HighUP is a fair launch

  • Pre-sale Countdown
  • Fair Launching
  • Smart Contract Integration
  • NFT Game in Development
  • NFT Marktplace
  • In Game Earning

How to Buy

HighUP is available on PancakeSwap in both BNB and BUSD pairs. We are expecting several more DEX and CEX soon. Please note that HighUP is an open-source contract and several different DEX or CEX can list HighUP without our approval. Trade at your own risk.

HighUP is a decentralized token and project, as such, we recommend always using DEX. If you prefer to use a CEX, please make sure it is safe and secure.



Phase 1
1) <br>Website Launch. 2)<br> Pre-Sale. 3) NFT Development. 4 1.000 Twitter Followers. 5) 1.000 Instagram Followers. 6) 2.500 Telegram Members.
Phase 2
1) Whitepaper. 2) Public Launch on PancakeSwap. 3) CoinGecko Listing. 4) Coinmarketcap Listing. 5) Binance Listing. 6) NFT Game Trailer. 7) 2.500 Twitter Followers. 8) 2.500 Instagram Followers. 9) 5.000 Telegram Members. 10) 1.000 Token Holders.
Phase 3
1) Airdrop. 2) NFT Game Development. 3) NFT Game Promotion. 4) 2.500 Token Holders. 5) Coinmarketcap Top 2.500.
Phase 4
1) NFT Game Release. 2) Big Promotion. 3) Giveaway Event. 4) Coinmarketcap top 1.000. 5) 5.000 Token Holders.
Phase 5
1) NFT Game Partnerships. 2) NFT Game Update. 3) Coinmarketcap top 500. 4) HighUP Merchandise. 5) 10.000 Token Holders.

How to buy

4 easy steps to buy $HIGHUP

Install Metamask extension on chrome or download Metamask

Follow their guide and finish the setup.

Send BNB or BUSD to your wallet

Once you have setup your wallet, you can send BNB or BUSD from an exchange like Kraken, Coinbase or Binance to your Metamask address.

Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

  • Go to pancakeswap and click the “connect to a wallet” button.
  • Click “select a token” and paste our token address in the search bar.
  • Remember to set the right slippage (usually over 5%) by clicking the gear button in the upper left corner.
  • Select the amount of BNB or BUSD that you want to convert to $HIGHUP.
  • Click the SWAP button to finalize your trade. We recommend using the FAST gas options for your transaction to go smoothly.

Swap your BUSD or BNB for HIGHUP



Distribution of Tokens

HighUP is a NFT Game and community-owned token, there is a open pre-sale but no pre-mint, seed sale, private sale, or other. All tokens are circulating, and liquidity is locked on PancakeSwap. The SHARPEI token is our company currency that allows investors to hold millions, billions, or even trillions in their wallets.

The team provided enough liquidity to trade HighUP without any issues.

  • Initial Circulating Supply: 50%

  • Future projects: 25%

  • Team: 2.5%

  • Founders: 2.5%

  • Tokens locked for 2 year: 20%

Token Fee

  • Reflection to holders Fee: 3%

  • Liquidity Fee: 3%

  • Marketing Fee: 3%

  • Burn Fee: 1%

HighUP Merchandising and Designs Worldwide

The HighUP company is here to support all community initiatives worldwide. The HighUP army is made up of talented individuals who are ready to spread the word and build our brand worldwide. Through the power of the HighUP Incubator Program, we invite all community designers to create epic content. The HighUP Incubator Program is funded by the community and donations can be sent in BNB or BUSD to BEP20 wallet: 0x0eC4360889C5A7407c868Ac78d57193E75de069e

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Website launch

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Whitepaper release

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Project Launch

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Phase 4

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Phase 5

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